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Great idea for your wedding plans.

Great idea for your wedding plans.

Sunday 20th January 2019

Decorative Keepsakes of Your Wedding Day at the Most Affordable Prices

If your wedding day is knocking at the door, then you must be really excited! Don't drain all your energy as you will need it for some post-wedding jobs as well. One of those jobs is ordering a few decorative keepsakes of your wedding day, which you can put up on your bedroom walls. Wondering, what kind of keepsakes you can order that won't stretch your pockets as well?
Why not order a few canvas prints from Canprint.co that start from as low as £5.00? Sounds like a deal, right?
So, do not think twice and ask your photographer to click these pictures on your wedding day so that they can be turned into attractive canvas portraits for adding warmth and love to your house later.
 The Bridal Party Picture for the Living Area: Adding personalisation to your interior décor can be done right with this one. How? Well, with a super-fun picture clicked with your full group of groomsmen and bridesmaids. Just imagine entering your house with this canvas print displayed on the walls! But yes, make sure you choose the right size so that it does not look too big or too small for your room.
 The Ring Shot in the Hallway: Now, how about something subtle for the hallway? The famous ring shot can do justice to this area of your house. Just position the two rings right before the photographer clicks a beautiful picture of it. Other subtle canvas options for this nook are the bouquet shot, the ceremony views shot, the cake shot or a picture highlighting the centrepieces or decoration.
 An Intimate One for the Bedroom: Lastly, order one for the bedroom. This could be an intimate close-up, or if you fall under the "shy couple" category, then go for the "exchanging vows" picture.
Now that you know it all, do order them. For further details, click here: [https://www.canvasprintingonline.co.uk]