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Cost Effective Advertising For Your Business

Wednesday 12th September 2018

3 Steps to Order the Perfect Cost-effective Business Canvas Adverts! While looking for advertisement options, entrepreneurs are always worried about the budget. They worry that the campaign would only be successful if their budget was a little higher. But with Canprint you need not worry about the same because they offer a range of fantastic and well-printed canvases that can work really well for your business, at incredibly low prices. Yes, say hello to cost-effective amazing business promotion tools! However, if you do not know how to proceed with digital photo canvases, then these are the three steps you need to follow. 1. Get the Artwork Ready - Promotional designs and artwork need some effort. You can do your…

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Boosting Your Business Sales at a Fraction of the Price

Friday 7th September 2018

Boost your sales like never before with attention-grabbing canvas prints! We all know how competitive the market is these days. That is the reason why, entrepreneurs are really working hard on the marketing and advertisement. If you are one of them, looking for some interesting ideas, then have you considered canvas prints for marketing? They're eye-catching and can spread your message like magic! Here are three ways to use canvas prints from Canprint to give your business a lift: Grand Openings: Grand openings must be made special and to create the perfect buzz, colourful and well-designed canvas prints are a must. If your store is opening anytime soon, make sure that the audience knows about it well in advance. Do it properly to…

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Making a Photo on Canvas

Saturday 18th August 2018

When selecting a photo for a canvas print, it's a good idea to use photos from cameras with higher resolution as this will prevent image quality decreasing when the photo is enlarged. When choosing the canvas shape, you need to consider the positioning of the main subject in the picture and choose the appropriate shape which fits the subject. For example, you shouldn't choose a square frame when your picture has a full length person in it. If you want to have as much of your subject as possible displayed on the canvas, choose a rectangular (tall) canvas shape. If you have a landscape or panoramic photo, then choose a long or extra-long canvas shape. Don't forget to leave a…

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Great Wedding Gifts

Saturday 4th August 2018

2 Amazing Canvas Print Ideas for Gifting the Newly Weds! So did your best friend tie the knot recently? Yes? Then, you must be really happy for him or her! After all, you guys have talked and dreamt about the day together, and you were literally more excited than him/her! But now that the couple is hitched, don't you think you should get a post-wedding gift for them? Something special which they can adore? Something that would remind them of the most special day of their lives? Well, a canvas print is the right idea for this! How? To know, please keep reading this blog. Turning the Vows into Quotes: Most couples, these days, have their own set of unique vows.…

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Summer time Blues?

Friday 27th July 2018

During this hot weather spell do you ever fell like you just want to sit indoors out of the heat for a moment and need an idea of what to do/ well why not go through your phone and check out the photo's you have taken from the special moments to your holiday pics/ Why not have some printed on canvas to brighten up your walls this winter far better than just sitting in your phone. With companies like www.canprint.co who offer great deals and the best prices you just can't go wrong [prices on best buys start at only £5.00] So just relax and enjoy taking your pick of your memories.

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Canvas Prints Make Great Gifts

Monday 23rd July 2018

2 Kinds of Canvas Prints that You Can Pick as Promise Gifts "I can't promise to fix all your problems but I can promise you won't have to face them all alone." - this is what your woman wants to hear from you and that is why, a promise gift assuring her all your lifetime of commitment to your lady love is necessary. It would definitely be a step forward. But yes, that does not mean you need to go traditional and pick an expensive solitaire for her. You can keep it for the engagement. As of now, gift her a token promise gift, such as a canvas print. Trust us, a photo gift canvas can do wonders and really impress…

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Great Canvas Print Idea's

Monday 9th July 2018

2 Fabulous Canvas Print Ideas for the Mommy-to-be! So, is your bestie expecting her first child? Well then, it must be really precious for her and her husband as well. And you, being her best friend, must definitely hunt down a gift that will bring a huge smile to her face. A gift that can help forget her morning sickness and weakness for some time! Okay wait...don't scratch your head like that - just give this blog a very good read so that you can get some fabulous ideas. Personalised canvas prints are what you should choose. They are great gifts and can be customized the way you want! Here are a few ideas. • The first suggestion would be to make your own…

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Great tips for the design of your Holiday photo on canvas

Sunday 24th June 2018

3 Smart Tips on Designing a Summer Holiday Special Photo Canvas! There is something so special about Summer holidays- time to gorge on some tea cakes made by your grandmother, spend lazy afternoons by staying indoors with your siblings, cooking with your family and arranging a gala dinner and so much more. To be honest, most of us look forward to this time of the year so that we can finally bid goodbye to the daily chores and live like the way we want to. Relaxing, giggling, eating to our heart's content and repeating the cycle. And yes, this is a great time to shower your loved ones with personalised gifts such as family canvas prints. It is also a time…

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Holiday Photo On Canvas

Friday 15th June 2018

3 Awesome Summer Holiday Pictures which should be Printed on Canvas! Summer holidays are all about quality time with friends and family, picnic baskets, amazing cocktails and so much more. This is one of the best times of the year. And with this special time comes the best of moments which deserve to be framed. No, do not go for those boring and cliché photo frames, instead, opt for personalised canvas prints because they are the ultimate option for framing. They carry a touch of warmth in them, which is why they are much more than just a decor element in your living area or bedroom. Now you must be wondering about the pictures with which you can create your own canvas…

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Fathers Day June 17th 2018

Friday 1st June 2018

Canvas Prints: The Ultimate Gift for Father's Day! Now that Father's day is almost here, you will be busy looking for some interesting gift ideas for your dad, right? Umm..so what suggestions have you come across? Chocolates and cards or a tie set? Or maybe, something such as a shirt? But, don't you think this time you should think out of the box and gift him something personalized? Something unique and special? If yes, then a canvas print should be your deal. Wondering, what kind of canvases am I talking about? Dig in! Down the Memory Lane - Do you have a picture with your father while you were holidaying at some beach when you were hardly five? Or maybe, a…

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